Latest World Current Events (with comments)

1.Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: IS leader’s underwear ‘stolen’ for DNA . Okay, the whole world is celebrating for his death but man why do they need to stole his underwear, now that’s news right there. 2. Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigns after mass protests. Okay last time this guy resigned was just last year…. Now he’s resigningContinue reading “Latest World Current Events (with comments)”

The first Halloween began with an exorcism — Catholicsay

The origins of Halloween are rooted in a massive exorcism performed in the 7th century. The word “Halloween” is a Scottish shortening of the phrase “Allhallow-even,” literally meaning “All Holy Evening” and dates to the 18th century. The English have a similar phrase, “All Hallows’ Eve,” with the same meaning. Both words denote the nightContinue reading “The first Halloween began with an exorcism — Catholicsay”

Awakening to the Apocalypse — – by F. Kaskais

In the New Testament, the four horsemen signal the end of all things, but in Buddhism, every ending is also a beginning. By Larry Ward The following article is adapted from a talk by Buddhist teacher Larry Ward, titled “Contemplating the Apocalypse,” which he delivered as part of the Black Wisdom Online Summit. I wasContinue reading “Awakening to the Apocalypse — – by F. Kaskais”

Latest Milestone : 50th Blog Entry

I just saw the most recent  notification on my blog. I just  have made my  50th blog entry, a number of them are just re postings of other blogs,  not my original ideas, for that I ask for forgiveness. I will edit these entries later and I will mention the original sources on the page.Continue reading “Latest Milestone : 50th Blog Entry”

Philosophy and Way of Life: MGTOW Movement

There is this movement by men wanting to go out on this world on their own, more like isolationist or leave me alone situation. Meaning no wife, no families or baggage. MGTOW-Men Going Their Own Way. I think this is a counter movement against feminism by and large.The list below are not of my ownContinue reading “Philosophy and Way of Life: MGTOW Movement”