The Empire State of Social Mind 2019

The first time I’ve heard of Jayz song ” Empire State” the way he illustrate the might and promise of living in this awesome land gives me the chills and I felt ecstatic. THe fact that since I’m Filipino the possibility of going to this place always is always one of our highest dreams. Call it corny as well but we do dream of a walking and talking pictures on that busy street.

Some short history, the place called New York  “The Empire State” because of its wealth and variety of resources. This nickname appeared on New York license plates from 1951 through the mid-1960s. In 2001, “The Empire State” legend returned to New York license plates.

Then again we have the tragic Twin Towers, in a moment our euphoric emotion might reach sky high and be shut down tragically after a split of second by a single dislike or bad comment. What I’m referring in which is very apparent is in social media, how our confidence, success and stories of our life shared and judged by people that we so called friends.

I posted a picture today it got likes and views thankfully I did not even put a single effort to that picture, no filters or awesome backgrounds just my face in the bathroom.

Thankfully social and alternate media can also be a great thing, without them I would had never came across of thinkers like Jordan Petterson ” 12 Rules of Life, Tim Ferris the 4 hour Work Week, David Goggins, Dr Gabor Mate.

The theme and message they want to share ” to develop a fortress mind”. Much like a stoic person during the Roman times, but the problem recently is the truth that there is not much danger for our mind to focus on. The threats of war, famine and to be eaten by an animal is pretty much less in occurrence.

Thus, we go this rabbit hole and personal persecution- being critical of our selves.

One person I’m also following is Jason Silva, he’s Shots of Awe. Is one weekly videos that I pretty much look forward every week like being addicted to it.

What is my state of mind right now? It’s a challenge really its the rainy and cold season here. Thus I need to continue those cold showers.

I would like to start new habits and continue to previous ones that I have started. The new ones I would like to cultivate are waking up early, being positive and organized.

So there Mr. JP, I have followed your advise, I’m starting this journey bit by bit. Until I am able to express my mind both in spoken and written form.

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Loves to walk due to to places I only saw on postcards. Volunteerism,idealism and do good stuff. Been there done that lets do something interesting for a change.

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