Year End Review: My Writing Still Sucks

Facebook just released their annoying year end review of your past one year postings in your timeline and as if we always post things that are import and show it off to everyone ( yeah you do). Then again I have to first give myself a pat in the back for continuing this project-writing my heart out and trying to squeeze something from my gray matter.

But lately it dawned at me, my God I’m not really cut out for this. I’m such a bad writer, I don’t have original ideas and I’m just regurgitating stuff from famous personalities and I just refer to the youtube videos that I watch.

So yeah, I’m one of those afflicted by Dunning-Krugger effect, I’m living a mediocre life and whats worse I can’t even channel it to my writing and create the next Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones sequels.

In retrospect, why do we hate being normal, average, or simple minded? Why does the world demand so much high performance or spectacular events to everybody?

It’s like right now we are living in a movie that everyone ones to be the main character and does not want to be a supporting role or much worse an extra/bystander.

Back to my writing, at this rate I’m not going to support someone with this current level of skill that I have, I can form sentences, paragraph or a single idea but still it’s not great either.

So what’s my solution? I will write more and read more. As Mr. David Goggins said ” I’m dumb, copy that” I will take this inch by inch, single thought, sentences then paragraphs.

I know I’m not great or talented so I will be more determined and hack my way around every obstacle.

Have a nice week for everyone.

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Loves to walk due to to places I only saw on postcards. Volunteerism,idealism and do good stuff. Been there done that lets do something interesting for a change.

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