January 2020: What a way to start the year

Just came back from vacation  3 days ago, prior to that I’ve have a month long detox of staying of the computer screen and just logging in my social media accounts to check the latest in my immediate environment. My family and I have a month long quality time spent with each other and someContinue reading “January 2020: What a way to start the year”

Blog Entry #2 Symbols in the World

How can a man come to know himself? Never by thinking, but by doing. Try to do your duty and you will know at once what you are worth. The mind sees the world or reality based on how it interprets symbols. Colors, geometric shapes and numbers. I have been asking lately the following questions.Continue reading “Blog Entry #2 Symbols in the World”

Thoughts ( What to do in your 30’s)

The hard road gets easy over time. The easy road gets hard over time. Know that the hard work you put in building your life in your 20’s-30’s will pay off over time in your 30’s and beyond. Any sacrifices you make now (reducing lifestyle spendings, saving money, taking career or business risks, raising kids)Continue reading “Thoughts ( What to do in your 30’s)”

Blog Entry#? The Future YOU

What do you like to become when you grow up? The whole class started writing their journal and all summoned all their words to fill this composition notebook. This is what I could remember way back in elementary days, back in 1998. The name of our school is Buug Pilot Central School, it seems aContinue reading “Blog Entry#? The Future YOU”

Lessons from the Rich

Few people in the middle class really understand the mindset of the richest people. After all, if they did, they would be among the top earners as well. We’ve all heard the remarks: Rich people are lucky, rich people had an unfair advantage, rich people are crooks, rich people are selfish, etc. These are mostlyContinue reading “Lessons from the Rich”