Most Famous Rich Guy (Or not)

When we talked about rich guys, what comes to our minds are these names- Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma,Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or the rivalry of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Their lives are inspiring and their speech gives us the ecstatic feeling inspiration that someday we can make it big.

One thing most common of the guys mentioned though either they screw their employees for pay or some of them are really just so smart to introduce to the world neat stuff that we are willing to buy like phones or cars.

I just read an article of one a rich businessman from Thailand. He’s name is Sirivat Voravetvuthikun or the Sandwich guy. One may ask why am I bringing up this not so popular guy and how relevant is he going to be on my life? Well my friend after all the dust well settle from this corona apocalypse, massive shifts and changes will be made. Our current lifestyle and status of living will be abruptly halted to its knees.

This economic fall out will leave people out of the streets and hungry. This guy Sirivat Voravetvuthikun just survived and thrived such event. He went from a high flyer and big shot businessman to the point of selling sandwiches, yes the story is so inspiring that I just can’t help and try to share his story. Others raised an eyebrow on how could a rich guy resort to selling lowly sandwiches.

Most of us would react the same way but this guy hold on to his guns and now from selling on the streets, he’s managing his restaurants and shops. His drive to pay his debtors and credit paid off.

He’s really one of a kind and which reminds me to encourage myself that sometimes financial freedom could be earned by doing simple things.

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Loves to walk due to to places I only saw on postcards. Volunteerism,idealism and do good stuff. Been there done that lets do something interesting for a change.

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