Poverty and getting old in the US

Lissa Bryan, former Author at The Writer’s Coffee Shop (2012-2017) I had a job about about 20 years ago delivering Meals-on-Wheels to disadvantaged seniors. I could only do it for a year. It was one of the most depressing jobs I ever had. I took it home with me at night. I saw their faces. IContinue reading “Poverty and getting old in the US”

The first Halloween began with an exorcism — Catholicsay

The origins of Halloween are rooted in a massive exorcism performed in the 7th century. The word “Halloween” is a Scottish shortening of the phrase “Allhallow-even,” literally meaning “All Holy Evening” and dates to the 18th century. The English have a similar phrase, “All Hallows’ Eve,” with the same meaning. Both words denote the nightContinue reading “The first Halloween began with an exorcism — Catholicsay”

Great Writing Sample

Life of a telemarketer SHIT JOBS : TELEMARKETING There are two people, twelve years later, whose names, numbers and addresses I could recite for you. I still might kill them some day. You’re sitting there in a tiny cubicle in a moldy beige room with acoustical tile and you’re separated from a bear sized homeless manContinue reading “Great Writing Sample”

Thoughts/Readings on Boredom

Shortest possible explanation: Novelty is pleasurable. When you’re experiencing something new for the first time, your brain is very stimulated as it tries to process the experience and deal with the new stimuli. If you’re playing a brand new board game, your brain is racing trying to learn all the new rules, to formulate strategiesContinue reading “Thoughts/Readings on Boredom”